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Jackson Travel and Tourism Board Update

After months of meetings and preparation, members of the tourism board are putting funds to work in promotion of travel to the region. In June, the board requested ideas for events to promote travel to Jackson Hole. As of now, there is no system for evaluating proposed ideas, but they plan to have one in place this fall. As of July, the JTT board voted to provide capital for the following: Jackson Chamber of Commerce Operations, the Jackson Hole Marathon, and incentives to draw “Modern Family” to the Tetons. There is an open request for a destination marketing plan, due August 10, 2011.


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Meeting Notes

July Meeting: The board meets on the second Tuesday of each month. At their July meeting, the following topics were discussed:

  • Item 1: Modern Family – Jackson is in competition with Steamboat for the attention of 15 million viewers predicted to watch the September 21st premier the ABC hit. A scouting team for the Emmy nominated show was in town last week checking out locations and logistics. Word from the board claims executives of the show were thrilled to take up the tourism cause for Jackson Hole. Multiple agencies are involved in the process of luring the show to the valley. They include Wyoming Film Office, Wyoming Travel & Tourism Office, and the Wyoming Govenors Office. The official announcement from Hollywood could come at any time. The JTT board has offered “financial incentives” to get the show here. The incentive amount was not discussed.

  • Item 2: Destination Marketing Plan – The board recently sent a request to 60+ marketing agencies. The request is to develop a marketing plan for the region. Constitutional law limits the ability of the board to select from only local companies. Wyoming companies receive a built in 5% advantage. The timeline for the proposal is very tight. More information about the proposal request is detailed below.

  • Item 3: Treasury Report – The board is currently sitting on 10% of what they thought collections would be. The balance of funds is nearly $20,000. Projections for the next collection period are roughly $70,000. Compared with initial estimates of $2.1 million in tax collections ($175,000 monthly average), 70k leaves a lot less to work with. The board received its first report only days before the meeting and needs to investigate further to understand the details. They intend to check with state accounting officials for a detailed report of taxes figures. The board members discussed the possibility that not all of the businesses required are reporting the tax.

  • Item 4: Communication Infrastructure –At their June 21st retreat, the board discussed the need for a publicist/administrative assistant. Their goal is to find a person that can keep the community informed, and be liaison with the Destination Marketing Agency selected at the end of August. The board is developing a job description to be discussed at their next meeting. Currently, the board relies on other sources to get their word out.


Request for Proposal: Destination Marketing Plan

The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Joint Power Board, requires the development of a destination marketing plan inclusive of Jackson Hole and Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks and placement of advertising directed to their target markets. The Successful Proposer will be required to provide a high level of quality services which are normally associated with the handling of a domestic and internationally recognized destination resort. It is the expectation of Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Joint Power Board that the Proposer develop strategies and programs supporting the shoulder and winter seasons thereby increasing the destination’s sustainability for a year-round economy.


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Timeline and Scheduled Deadlines for proposal request:

  • August 1st – Questions regarding the proposal are due.

  • August 5th – Answers to questions will be provided by the board.

  • August 10th – 2pm RFP Closes, proposals due.

  • August 18th – Finalists Notified

  • August 29/30 – Oral Presentations

Click on the Link below for a copy of the RFP

Jackson Travel & Tourism Board Proposal


Our Contribution

Pulse LLC in Jackson Wyoming is reaching out to local and regional marketing agencies to collaborate on a proposal. Our business is developing The Mountain Pulse and Trail Maps Plus. Pulse LLC implements communications strategies that enable clients to enhance the presentation of their messages.

In the coming months, we will launch an advanced interactive winter guide for Jackson Hole that aligns with the interest of the Jackson Travel and Tourism Board as well as regional businesses. We are currently working with the Bridger Teton National Forest Avalanche Forecast Center to develop tools that present their information more effectively. For more information about our winter guide, please contact us at pulsegeomedia@gmail.com


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