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Gear Review

K2 Pon2oon Skis - A Rockered Romance

Love can be elusive in a ski town. But sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your feet.

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Hundred Days 026

Get Your Rest

Thanks to the tireless work of JH ski patrol, the gondola began to load around 9:30 this morning, shortly followed by the Tram sometime before 10:00. Top to bottom, conditions were all-time with snow falling incessantly and collecting in waist-deep pockets. No matter how you spin the tale, the conclusion will likely be the same: It was the best day in Jackson Hole so far this season.

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Hundred Days 021: Hiking Snow King at Night

A man cannot live on skiing alone. He also needs to hike. And so do women.

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Hundred Days 019

God Save the King

If you told me years ago that I would end up living in a hotel, I probably would have concluded that I was destined to become a Generation X dropout, some listless dreamer in lukewarm pursuit of Kerouac’s Road, which I never properly read. Then if you told me I would be a writer in said hotel…

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