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Jackson Hole Kiters




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We were directed to this edit by Will Taggart of the Jackson Hole Kayak Club. He and some friends are pioneering a radical progression of kite surfing in the Tetons. In this short film, he and some friends cruise west two hours from Jackson Wyoming to Mud Lake on the Snake River Plain in Idaho. Their ability to harness the wind for sport is impressive and points to the next step for wind and kiting enthusiast in the region.

From Will Taggart of Jackson Hole Kiters: On the Snake River Plain in Idaho there exists a microculture of windsport enthusiasts. Mud Lake has a less than desirable shoreline. Windsurfers have been going to Mud Lake for over 20 years from all over SE Idaho and cut a path to the water. My friends and I from Jackson, Wyoming have begun to seek out the same wind for kitesurfing. Now we are becoming a part of the Mud Lake microculture. This is a short edit that trys to show our perspective on such a unique kitesurfing location.


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