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Hundred Days 066

Heading South



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Day 066: 04/10/12 – Heading South

Words and Photography by: Jake Johnston

Another ski season wraps up in Jackson Hole and the unpredictability of the winter definitely won out over the high hopes of a repeat La Nina season. I honestly can’t complain though. I know a lot of people would chalk up a sub 400 inch snowfall year to a complete failure, but I have to disagree. I definitely had my fair share of pow turns and high fives this season. You always do in Jackson Hole. The truth is, the Tetons never disappoint. As the season changes into Spring, we pack up and head for warmer climate. Utah. A few friends and I have loaded up the truck with all our camping gear, bikes, dogs and enough PBR to last two weeks in the desert. I should mention we’ll only be down there 5 nights. We’re airing on the side of caution. You simply can’t run out of PBR in Utah. As most JHolers do this time of year, we’re headed out for another off-season adventure. I was divulging our plans over a phone call with a friend who came out to shred this winter. They just so happen to time it right for one the last big storms of the season. As I explained our off-season plans, he let out a laugh and exclaimed “You guys just never stop. I need to move to Jackson!” We had a good laugh, but he had made his point. Any season, whether on or off, is a great season in Jackson Hole.

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