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Embracing the Storm in Jackson January 20-21 2012



Embracing the Storm. Jackson, Jan 20-21, 2012 from UnofficialNetworks.com

unofficial_jackson_andrew_whiteford_02, andrew whiteford embracing the storm in jackson hole,

The latest storm in Jackson Hole brought 80″ of new snow in 8 days, and the edits from the week of the best skiing of this season are starting to roll out. Unofficial Jackson’s newest team member, Andrew Whiteford, gives us a taste of the storm with footage from the weekend of January 20th and 21st.

From Unofficial Jackson: Workplace productivity suffered on Friday morning due to the entire town deciding to go skiing. Alas, the warming temperatures and high winds created a difficult snowpack for the patrol to work with. After rumors of the mountain not opening at all, the patrol’s hard work got all the lifts opened just before noon. The storm came back hard on Saturday, with temperatures hovering near freezing even at the mid elevations. A solid day for a ski-gee for sure!



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