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Hundred Days 042

Patience is a Virtue



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Day 042: 02/21/12

Written By: Anonymous Mountain Pulse Contributor

Patience is a Virtue

Its days like today that make me question having a full time job. “Do I walk out right now? Call it quits just to ride this storm?” This thought keeps resurfacing hour after hour as I watch the snowfall continuing to blanket the resort. Well friends, I did not pull the trigger today. I may actually have to thank myself come next month when rent is due. I couldn’t help but wonder though, is it bad to feel just a little better once I heard the upper mountain closed before lunch? Now before you knock me, I’m just saying I feel some sort of sick peace of mind that at least part of the mountain is being saved just for me to have on my day off, and for that, I’m sure you understand. Until then, indulge me with your tales of triumph!

Anonymous Mountain Pulse Contributor, we feel for you. You’re shredness will reign strong upon your long awaited and hard earned return. Hang in there and crush it, for all of us. -The Mountain Pulse


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