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Hundred Days 037

What a Day, What a Day



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Day 037: 02/15/12 – What a Day, What a Day

What a day, what a day, what a day indeed! Blue bird skies and soft snow afforded a high frequency of beautiful runs right from the gun. For those who’d been hankering to hike or two, today was a good one for that. The TMP crew ran up Pepi’s Bench for a Casper Bowl lap, then a quick shot out of bounds for a Green River, finally ending the day with a jaunt up White Spider at the two o’clock cut off for another Casper Bowl. Of course, many an epic day was likely had by all walks of poses. Regardless, the high-fives, pounds, and pole taps were all the same. The snow certainly got heavy as the day went on, but it was still highly rippable by the closing bell. Beers never tasted so good, laying out in the sun at the base, chatting about the turns just had, and the turns yet to come.


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