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Hundred Days 011

Elk Attack at Eleanor's Bar & Grill



Day 011: “Elk Attack” at Eleanor’s Bar & Grill

Written by Kevin Wittig

Photography: Jake Johnston

The phone rang around 9:00pm last night. A voice on the other end enthusiastically shouted “Get down to Eleanor’s, Elk Attack is playing tonight”. “Yes!” I thought to myself. The first time I had a chance to see Elk Attack play was at the Fall Harvest Festival hosted by Whole Grocer. The duo played acoustic folk that captured the crowd with the smooth vocals of Bo Elledge and intricate guitar riffs by Dustin Nichols-Schmolze. Sitting on the grass in the park, I knew these two were onto something special, and with the addition of of complimentary musicians, they could put together a great band.

elk attack eleanor's bar and grill jackson hole acoustic music

Fast forward three months, and Elk Attack is recording its first album with a complete band. Joining Bo and Dustin last night at Eleanor’s Bar & Grill was Gabrielle Jackson-Kouchacj on violin and vocals. Listening to their first song, I turned to a friend and said “This is it!” The trio put forth what can only be described as a truly unique sound that has been missing from the valley. Their mix of acoustic and electric strings, harmonized vocals, and down to earth lyrics draw in the audience only to leave them wanting more.

It’s still the early stages for this up and coming band. In addition to Gabrielle on violin, the group added John Wayne Harris Jr on drums Adam Wooley on bass. Keep an eye out for a performance of the full band and do yourself a favor and check them out!



For more information about Elk Attack, check out their band page as well as their Facebook page which they keep up to date with details about upcoming shows and more.


elk attack jackson hole music


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