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Teton County Joint Travel & Toursim Board Update



Jackson Travel and Tourism Board August Meeting Summary

The newly elected travel and tourism board meets on the second Thursday of each month. Recently, the board discussed tourism related activities. The following is a summary of the topics covered at the August 2011 meeting.

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Item 1: Local Communications Update

The town and county recently added new pages to their websites that provide an online platform for the Travel & Tourism Board to communicate with the community. The board would like get information out to the public and will be using these platforms to post minutes and other travel and tourism related information.

Town of Jackson Website
Teton Country Website
  • In June, the board requested submissions for ideas to promote travel and tourism. The purpose of the proposals were to strategize the most beneficial use of lodging tax dollars. No action will be taken by the board on any of the proposals and the excercise was for information gathering purposes only. The board plans to reach out to those who submitted ideas and thank them for their effort. A list of ideas can be viewed the Jackson Chamber of Commerce.

  • Board members Ponteir Sackray and Aaron Pruzan expressed the need to develop a communications strategy to encourage community support. The board seemed to be in general agreement that it intends to have a process to review new public proposals for supplementary funding by spring of 2012. A vetting process was briefly discussed and sub committees were formed to explore the topic.


    Item 2: Treasury Report

    The Mountain Pulse Lodging Tax Treasury Report Jackson Hole

  • Collected tax revenue is less than projected. The board is planning to receive 69% of projected August revenue totaling $132,800. Initially, the board anticipated receiving $193,000. Treasurer Jeff Golightly of Togwotee Mountain Lodge is working closely with the Department of Revenue to analyze the collections and review enforcement. During the update, Golightly mentioned “There’s no need to hit the panic button yet” but expressed concern about current obligations. Board members expressed gratitude to Golightly for his detailed update and due diligence.

    The board expects the lion share of tax revenue to come in the following months. Using conservative estimates, the board is projecting nearly $550,000 to work with for winter travel promotion.

  • During the meeting, the board voted to approve the following expenses:

    1. A quarterly payment of $62,925 to Jackson Chamber of Commerce Visitor Services to finance staffing requirements.

    2. A quarterly payment of $32,300 to Jackson Chamber of Commerce to finance advertising campaigns

    3. $20,000 payment to Jackson Chamber of Commerce to support and promote the inaugural Jackson Hole Marathon

    4. $35,000 payment to pass through the Jackson Chamber of Commerce and be awarded to the “Modern Family” production team in order to “level the playing field” for shooting in Jackson Hole.

    5. Payment to the National Wildlife Art Museum for conference services in the amount of $159.

    During the approval process, board members commented on the need for the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce to supply itemized invoices that more clearly define their capital requests and cash flow requirements. To date, the Chamber has the be primary beneficiary of the Lodging Tax. The new tax supplements funding for the community organization that formerly was accounted for in the Town of Jackson budget.


    Item 3: Request for Proposals

  • Marketing and Advertising: On Wednesday August 10th, fifteen companies submitted proposals to design and execute marketing initiatives for our region. The timeline to select companies for oral presentations is tight. The board has the option to select up to six proposals to present their ideas in person at the end of the month. During the meeting, Chip Carey, Marketing Executive at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, commented on the elaborate design of the proposals, considering some of them very strong. The total cost of hiring an agency to enact a national marketing campaign has not been discussed during the meetings, but is sure to be a considerable expense.

  • Reservations Program: Led by chairman Stephen Price, the board addressed the need to explore drafting a request for proposal to develop a “fulfillment” house that can enter into the market. Board members agree that group travel business is critical to grow travel and tourism in the region. They view the development of mechanism that enables the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce to close on travel inquiry essential.


    Modern Family Update

  • Executive producers for the show are extremely excited to be shooting this week in Jackson Hole for the season premier of the Emmy nominated comedy. The premiere will be the first one hour episode for the series and will air September 21st, 2011. The crew will be filming at Lost Creek Ranch, and other locations throughout the county.

    Wyoming Tourism plans to advertise during the premier on ABC. Production staff arrived this past weekend, with the remaining cast and crew arriving Monday August 15th. The board estimates the production has a marketing value of nearly $50,000 and had expressed kind words for executive producers Jeff Morton and Sally Young.


    Modern Family on Twitter


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