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Rockstar Grizzly Bears



Jackson Hole photographer Mike Cavaroc put together this video compilation of three of Grand Teton National Park’s most popular bears of the summer season of 2011. All grizzlies have been seen along the roadsides of the park, thus adding to their lovable nature.



  • The first is a blonde grizzly that has eluded traps and so has simply been nicknamed both Butterball and Blondie. She’s gone from being very shy and timid of the crowds that gather to watch her, to much more passive recently.

  • Next is Grizzly Bear #610 and her two cubs of the year. She is the daughter to the now internationally famous Grizzly Bear #399 and is following in her mother’s footsteps (so to speak) in roaming the same areas and displaying the same roadside behaviors.

  • Finally is the legend herself, Grizzly Bear #399. She’s now raising her second set of triplets, releasing the others on their own in 2008. Her fame grew from raising the original set of triplets right along Highway 89 in Grand Teton National Park giving as many people as possible a chance to view such a remarkable glimpse into nature that most would never get to see.


Check out Mike Cavaroc’s recently updated website to view more of his photography.


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