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Straight Talk from Alan Simpson

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to view a political forum featuring Alan Simpson. “Who’s Alan Simpson?”, the younger generation might ask. For starters, Simpson Street in Jackson Wyoming is named after his family. Milward Street, Pearl Street, and Virginian Lane, are as well. When it comes to being homegrown, he’s as close as it gets. This makes the responsibility placed in his hands by President Obama all the more amazing. That the man appointed the task of solving America’s fiscal crisis went to elementary school in our backyard.


Alan Simpson Jackson Hole Grand Teton The Mountain Pulse

A man of the people, former US Senator Alan Simpson converses before his appearance in Jackson Wyoming.


Background Information

The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is a Presidential Commission created in 2010 by President Barack Obama to identify “…policies to improve the fiscal situation in the medium term and to achieve fiscal sustainability over the long run.” Simpson was appointed in 2010 to co-chair President Barack Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. The only stipulation put forth by Senator Simpson to President Obama: Everything is on the table.


His words

Senator Simpson speaks to the little guy. His straight forward personality draws in the audience, explaining complex issues in plain talk. Moving beyond the introduction, Simpson began by stating, “Well, we accomplished our goal. We successfully pissed off all of America.” As his speech continued, you could understand why. Digging into the details of the commissions’ findings, Senator Simpson laid the facts on the table about social security, taxes, medicare, and federal spending.

Alan Simpson Jackson Hole Grand Teton The Mountain Pulse

Senator Simpson speaks with audience members after the "Moment of Truth" forum


In Summary

The event featuring Senator Simpson was made possible by the Teton County Democratic & Teton County Republican committees. Although Jackson is a remote mountain community, and not commonly referred to as the epicenter of progressive thought, the night was a demonstration of bipartisan unity, and a symbol of what’s possible when we work together. Senator Simpson represents a the type of politician who truly cares about helping people. The plan laid out by his commission details a solution to our major domestic issues.

What You Can Do

Generation X & Y need to be informed about issues that effect our future. Personally, I can admit to ignorance on topics of national debate. After listening to Senator Simpson, I was convinced otherwise. To learn more about the “Moment of Truth” published by Senator Simpson and his commission, view the following link.


This 100 Days post is intended to highlight the diversity of events in the Greater Teton Region. Whether the activity is climbing, viewing the arts, learning from a distinguished citizen, or any other, take time to participate in our incredible community.


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