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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

More often than not, the biggest lines come from the softest spoken. These unassuming warriors master Jackson Hole’s fiercest terrain, but say very little, if anything, about it. While the après scene is replete with bros spouting embellished tales of conquest, these reticent few care not to comment or condemn. Their stories are beyond what most can imagine. Only until witnessing them navigate these lines does the true scope of their ability become apparent. Utterly dialed and aplomb, they own their turns, placing them with the precision of skilled craftsmen. Watching them, there is a sense that they are doing exactly what they were designed for. There is a fluid in their form that makes even the most gnarly line seem graceful. So keep your eyes open, as you never know when you might catch one of these unsung skiers or riders laying it down, and blowing your mind.

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