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DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE DAYS, imprinted on the deep fabric of our minds to remain intact into our waning years. Old and gray with two creaky knees and a scotch in hand, we will summon today’s turns as evidence of a life well spent. It’s hard to articulate what deep powder does to the soul. Sure we can talk about the quality of the snow or even the rush when it explodes in your face, but each attempt to capture the essence of this experience seems grossly inadequate. Perhaps that’s the tragedy of powder, its inability to translate to the unenlightened. While we prefer to keep this a secret and hoard our stashes, others need to know. Cliché but true, the world would be a better place with more powder. Think of the happiness that flooded lift lines and gondie rides today. Think of the primal hoot you yelled from the deepest part of your being. Think about the high fives, the smiles, and laughs. This is living. Celebrate this life loudly because there are so many out there who will never even know it exists.


4 Responses to “02/20/11”

  1. “each attempt to capture the essence of this experience seems grossly inadequate.”

    Man did you say a mouthful!

    I think the “rents” are making turns today.

    • David Winner
  2. Beautifully, exquisitely, achingly and ultimately grossly,and,inadequately described.

    • David Winner
  3. And that my dear boy is not a knock at your writing skills……. I know you know what I mean!

    • David Winner
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