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There is a bartender in Jackson who goes by the name “Story.” When he’s not slinging suds, Story spins a web of tales like a hungry Recluse spider. Elbows over the bar, reminiscing the day, Story claimed to be responsible for today’s six inches. “I worship many deities, but the one whom I petition in the winter is Ullr…the goddess of snow,” he mused, pulling on his scraggly flavor-saver. “Two days ago, I cut up an old snowboard and a pair of skis, and set them ablaze in my backyard. The smoke rose to the Ullr, and brought today’s snowy offering…Unfortunately it seems I didn’t sacrifice enough. Perhaps, I need to burn a new board to get more than six.” Sedated by several cold ones, this seemed like perfectly sound reasoning to me, “Yea man.”

 Polytheism and sacrifice aside, Story was right on one front: more snow would be better. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic face-shot-full day. The only grimaces came at lower elevations where the snow was thin, and the iced moguls were malicious. When the wind lulled, Rendezvous Bowl and the Sublette territories held optimal snow. Hopefully the snow will settle and bind with our base to produce a smoother ride. If not, Story will be burning gear on his front lawn in the coming days; volunteers are welcome.


One Response to “02/17/11”

  1. Malicious iced moguls? I deliberately abstain from them.

    When I was a young Breckenridger, I partook of the yearly festival known therabouts as Ullr Fest.
    Much drink flowed and all were happy and sated.

    • David Winner
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