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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

The fat rodent crept out into the early morning rain, answering the chanting crowd gathered at Punxsutawney Pennsylvania. “I love you Phil!” yelled out an intoxicated man who—judging from his front row seat— had been there all night. Known as “The Inner Circle”, a group of bearded men in top hats and tuxedos addressed the gathering: “This may not be our largest crowd, but it’s the bravest, the toughest and most enthusiastic. You were at Gobbler’s Knob in the storm of 2011, Ground Hog Day!” Gobbler’s Knob… could there be a better name for the site of such a spectacle?

After much hem and hawing, the leader of the Inner Circle came forward. With his majestic white beard and regal attire, the man was exactly what you’d hope for in a leader of the Ground Hog Illuminati. “Good morning faithful followers of Phil,” he began, displaying oratory genius with his clever use of alliteration. “Phil has surveyed his surroundings carefully and found there was no shadow around…SO AN EARLY SPRING IT WILL BE!” The crowd erupted.

That little rat, how dare he? Early spring? I beg to differ. We are in the belly of this wintery beast, and there is plenty more to come. I don’t care what a overfed fur ball says. And you can tweet that!


One Response to “02/03/11”

  1. Even though slogging through the streets of this city in no way resemble a pass down off the mountains of Wyoming, we are on the same page. I love winter and I don’t care how much everyone else detests it.
    Contrarians unite!

    • David Winner
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