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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

Around 3:15, the big red heli ascended into the snowy mist, fueled by 1467 kilowatts of good ol’ American energy and hip-dipping jams blaring from overhead speakers. Remixed Sublime, Lauren Hill, and Deadmau5 were sewn together with the swiftest of strokes, transforming the Tram into a buzzing cell of stoke. With a storm unfolding out the windows, the smooth melodies thickened the palatable excitement that filled the air. Approaching the dock, Tram operator Michael Dynia dealt out the tram announcements. As he came the end, D.J. Dynia put the icing on the cake: “RPK2 tonight, so ya’ll get yo rest, and get here early to get that POW….IN…YO…FACE!”

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