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Hundred Days



The Mountain Pulse Jackson Hole

Jackson is a place of pilgrimage for skiers and riders in search of snow-riding enlightenment. Consequently, it spawned a community of riders that reflect the burley profile of the Tetons. Chances are high that the waiter pouring your water in a Jackson restaurant, or a “lifty” bumping your chair in the Village is a hard-charging mad-man, prioritizing his life in measures of vertical feet, snow fall, and weather systems.
Spotting those who went pro with this life choice becomes easy. They wear it on their goggle-tanned faces. Their mouths are full of Chicklet-like teeth, grinded down to uniform size by years of jaw clenching doses of adrenaline. They are dialed into a different rhythm of living…one in which true existence is attained only in moments of the descent.

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