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Canyon Kids Record Double EP at the Pink Garter

The Canyon Kids are recording a double EP at the Pink Garter Theatre and are looking for your help to fund the project. Watch the video by Christie Quinn above, read the scoop behind the record below, and support local music in Jackson Hole by clicking here.

From The Canyon Kids – “THE SCOOP: To create two five-song EPs (total of 10 songs) that encompass our passion for music and community.

First EP, by Dusty Nichols (aka. @HeavyDNicks), will be a concept album based on John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”–each song profiling a character from the book. Expect heavy harmonies, guitars and beautiful songwriting with rocking overtones. “This EP will be my magnum opus–greatest EP yet–just like East of Eden was for Steinbeck,” says Dusty, humbly.

The other EP, by Bo Elledge (aka. @edistobo), is an album that has been fermenting with age. Bo, soon to be Jackson Hole outbound, wants to leave a final mark on this beautiful place. His personal lyrics harp on community, and call for the talent and sentimental flair of other local bands and musicians in Jackson Hole, WY.

Dusty and Bo have already written these songs for the most part and will be the primary musicians on the album, along with members of “UNCLE STACK &THE ATTACK” (John Wayne Harris Jr., Adam Woolley, Grove Miller, & James Stackhouse). This core group of musicians met in Jackson Hole, and have honed their natural chemistry through their work with “Elk Attack,”–a band that successfully raised $5,600 on Kickstarter.com, last summer. They recorded an awesome album and took it on tour through the Southeast, last fall. That album got voted the silver medal for “Best Local LP 2012” in the Jackson Hole Planet.

Our goal is to create well thought-out, beautiful, rocking compositions that we can be proud of and our community can stand behind. Canyon Kid’s songs are years in the making and represent the authentic Jackson Hole music community. Every strum, and every hum will be worth your donation. Please support our project and make these songs and our dream become a reality.


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