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Jackson Hole Installs New Casper Lift




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New High Speed Access To Intermediate Terrain

As the fall season closes in on winter, crews at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are finalizing the installation of a new high speed lift. The “Casper Chair” will access intermediate terrain that received grading improvements this off season.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort description:

The installation of a new high-speed quad is the culmination of a three-year transformation to the Casper intermediate area to broaden the appeal of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Shot all with our GoPro cameras, we set out to document the Casper Lift tower installation.

Along with the new lift, the Casper intermediate trail network has received extensive summer grooming, expanding and improving this classic blue terrain, bringing a whole new experience to this previously underutilized area of the mountain.

Photo Credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


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