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Hundred Days 027

Riding in the Storm

“Bluebird days, the dream of every skier and snowboarder.” Well almost every skier and snowboarder. Sunny skies, calm winds and crystal clear visibility? Nah, that’s just not for me. When I am heading out to snowboard, I want snowfall. I’m ready for gusting winds and I expect to be cold sitting on the lift.

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Hundred Days 026

Get Your Rest

Thanks to the tireless work of JH ski patrol, the gondola began to load around 9:30 this morning, shortly followed by the Tram sometime before 10:00. Top to bottom, conditions were all-time with snow falling incessantly and collecting in waist-deep pockets. No matter how you spin the tale, the conclusion will likely be the same: It was the best day in Jackson Hole so far this season.

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Hundred Days 025

Powder Changes Lives

What a difference a day makes…not only for Jackson Hole, for the resort or for this season. What a difference a powder day can make in person’s life.

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Hundred Days 021: Hiking Snow King at Night

A man cannot live on skiing alone. He also needs to hike. And so do women.

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Hundred Days 019

God Save the King

If you told me years ago that I would end up living in a hotel, I probably would have concluded that I was destined to become a Generation X dropout, some listless dreamer in lukewarm pursuit of Kerouac’s Road, which I never properly read. Then if you told me I would be a writer in said hotel…

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Hundred Days 018

Headwall & Hobacks Open For a Lucky Few

JHMR had the best hangover cure today complete with walk-on trams, ski-on lifts and the opening of two major pow stashes!

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Hundred Day 017

A Year Later

Tonight The Mountain Pulse not only celebrates the New Year…we are also celebrating our first birthday.

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Hundred Days 015

The Powder is in the Patience

All good things come to those who wait, right? If this season had yet to teach this lesson, today drove home the point.

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Hundred Days 014

It's in the Air

When the snow falls, some are driven to song, many to drink, and still others to tears…Jackson skier and writer Madelaine German is driven to poetry. Check out her most recent poem inspired by this storm system!

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100 Days 013

The Last of the Wild West

The word sounded all the more unfamiliar in the close quarters of the elevator: “Howdy.” Normally, I would relish in such Western twang as a hem in the cultural fabric of this place…had it not come out of my mouth. “Howdy.”

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