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Video of the Day – Low Earth Orbit #02 :: Hiking Cody Peak



Low Earth Orbit #02 :: Hiking Cody Peak from Tristan Greszko on Vimeo.



Low Earth Orbit #02 :: Hiking Cody Peak

Tristan Greszko is becoming a master at flying his octocopter around Jackson Hole and capturing some amazing footage in the process. In his second episode of his Low Earth Orbit series, Tristan strapped his GoPro to the belly of the miniature helicopter and shot Jackson Hole Mountain Resort athletes Andrew Whiteford and Kim Havell making the scramble up Copy Peak. This definitely provides a unique perspective on the hike up to this iconic peak just outside to gates of JHMR.

From Tristan – “Dominating the skyline from the top of the tram, it’s a mountain that endures relentless winter storms as the gate keeper of Jackson Hole’s wild, adventurous backyard. Jagged limestone barriers guard the approach, pocked with fossilized remnants of past lives on the bottom of an ancient sea floor. The steep, snowy slopes above perpetually loom in the dark corners of the mind, demanding respect but always calling out with the most alluring of siren songs. On a map of the Tetons it’s just Point 10,799, but to any Jackson skier, it’s Cody Peak…”


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