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Maddy and Groove Spots Debut EP Kickstarter





Maddy and Groove Spots Debut EP Kickstarter

Another up and coming musical act in Jackson Hole is looking for your help to fund their dreams of recording an album at. Maddy and Groove Spots, fronted by the talented singer/song writer and The Mountain Pulse contributor Madelaine German, is hitting the studio with Dusty Nichols at the Pink Garter Theatre to get their funky sound on tape. Check out the video above shot by local videographer Christie Quinn and help kickstart >Maddy and the Groove Spots debut EP.

Click here to contribute to the kickstarter campaign.

From Madelaine – Hello, I am Maddy. I’m a musician, singer, songwriter, keyboardist, melodica player, film score composer, music student and music educator. I love and live for the world of music. My GROOVE SPOTS are a group of talented Jackson Hole players who have joined me for the the music, the ride, and the love of it all. They are all pretty amazing people.

My gracious Groove Spots have helped me to begin realizing my dream of sharing my music with the world by playing music with me around town over the past few months. Little by little our reach grows, and more people are able to hear our music.

BUT: not everyone can be at our live shows, and lots of people still don’t know who we are.

In order for us to be able to share our work with those people and expand our performance and career opportunities as musicians, we need a solid recording of our music. We need to record a few of our tracks in a high-quality way so that we can begin to book more gigs and start playing out and about more and more — but maybe most importantly, and back to the roots of it all: because the music is HERE! — in the world! It exists, and we’ve created it, and we want so share it with YOU!


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