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Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Update

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Fishing report provided by Jason “JB” Balogh, lead guide at Fish The Fly in Jackson Wyoming . Fish The Fly offers drift float and backcountry fly fishing trips in the Greater Teton Region as well as scenic wooden boat floats on the Snake River.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Summary

It’s hard to believe we are only halfway through the summer fishing season here in Jackson Hole since it began early this year. Both the South Fork and the Green Rivers were on fire early with low flows and consistently warm weather. The catching was unbelievable in July on these world class rivers!

With a dry Spring and warmer weather, the BuRec announced that they would ramp up flows out Jackson Lake to 5000 cfs for the whole month of July. Ouch, not what we wanted to hear! This made fishing on the Snake River in the valley inconsistent at best. Lots of small fish to be had on the surface and a few larger ones on streamers on any cloudy days.

To their credit the BuRec has been transparent about their flow schedule and announced flow drops of 500 cfs every two weeks starting August 1st. As expected, the first drop brought our Cutthroat to life with a Classenia Stonefly hatch. These stoneflies are a little early this year, but will be around for awhile with each flow drop sparking a hatch.

This past week has been more of the Snake River we are used to with larger trout looking to the surface for big bugs. Stonefly attractors like the Chubby Chernobyl in gold, pink, and tan are producing. Circus Peanuts, Fat Alberts, September Stones, or your favorite Chernobyl in #8-10 should work well right now.


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Flies in JB’s Box

quote open Twitching the fly is a great way to get fish to eat quote closein heavier water.

-Jason Balogh

Golden Chubby Chernobyl Jackson Hole Snake River Fly Fishing The Mountain Pulse

Golden Chubby Chernobyl


Fat Albert

Golden Stone the mountain pulse fly fishing jackson hole

Stone Fly Imitation


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