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Photographer Spotlight – Clark Henarie


Title: Photographer Clarke Henry

In a town such as Jackson, the easiest way to learn about talented adventurers who are inspired by the mountains is through friends of friends. One conversation leads to another and suddenly someone knows someone which enables like minded individuals to meet. More about the intro and opening

I rememeber getting off the tram for the first time and being pretty damn intimidated

TMP: Reigning from the Pacific Northwest, did you experience in the mountains of Oregon prepare you for Jackson Hole?

Clark Henrie (CH ): Nope, I Rememeber getting off the tram for the first time and being pretty damn intimidated. It was big and icy bumpy. Once of my favorite memory’s of this place was that day.

TMP: Can you speak to your approach to both snowboarding and adventure photography in the Teton Region?

CH: My approach usually comes from my friends. Depending on who you are with and where you are riding usually makes the day. Backcountry riding requires more thought and communication. Web you are at the resort you just rip around.


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TMP: Describe for us your journey to Jackson Wyoming.

CH: Pretty simple actually, met a dude while studying in New Zealand. We kept in contact and decided to move out here to Jackson Hole after college. Needless to say im still here!

TMP: So what’s it been like? How have you chosen to explore?

CH: Jackson has been great. Plenty of people with the same interests and enthusiasm to get out there and explore this awesome place. I snowboarding in the winter. At the resort and in the backcountry. In the summer lots of hiking, fishing, trail running and mountain biking.

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