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Jackson Hole Avalanche Awareness Night

Presented by Skinny Skis



Jackson Hole Avalanche Awareness Night

  • When: Thursday, 12/6/12
  • Where: Snow King Resort
  • Admission: $5 Donation
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Avalanche Awareness Night sponsored by Skinny Skis is a multifaceted event designed to be many things to many people. The gathering is a gateway for backcountry skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers and hikers in the community to reconnect with one another and learn about current snow conditions in the Greater Teton Region.

From newcomers to seasoned veterans, the educational event reaches people on all ends of the experience spectrum. Backcountry users are able to meet avalanche instructors and sign up for classes. They can also speak with representatives from many of the top safety equipment and apparel providers while being exposed to the Jackson Hole mountain culture that prides itself on being based in education and experience.

quote openThis event bridges the products provided by avalanche safety manufactures with the importance of education under one rooquote closef in one night.

-Phil Leeds of Skinny Skis

2012_avalanche_awareness_night skinny skis jackson hole snow king resort avalanche awareness

Recently, we spoke with Sava Malachowski, an organizer of Avalanche Awareness Night, and asked what people can expect from the event. He replied, “When people come to Avalanche Awareness Night, they’re exposed to the basics of what skiing the backcountry is really about. Most importantly, they’re given a warning that in order to enjoy this incredible part of the country, they need to acquire education and experience.”

avalanche_awareness_05, skinny skis avalanche awareness night, snow king resort, la nina

The annual Avalanche Awareness Night draws a large crowd of interested backcountry enthusiast in the Greater Teton Region. Photo: Johnston


Special Tribute to Steve Romeo and Chris Onufer

Jackson Hole lost two very special people this year in an avalanche accident on Ranger Peak in Grand Teton National Park. Julia Hemstrum and Reed Finlay will offer words in tribute to Chris Onufer and Steve Romeo. For the past decade, Romeo greatly contributed his time and passion to avalanche awareness night.

Their enthusiasm for skiing will be greatly missed in the Jackson Hole as we remember these men and all they meant to us. Steve Romeo deserves recognition as well as gratitude for his hard work and dedication on behalf of Avalanche Awareness Night.

Romeo greatly contributed to Avalanche Awareness Night. Photo: Sava Malachowski


How Much Is It Going To Snow? Jim Woodmency’s Winter Weather Outlook

radar image jackson hole snowfall

This time of year, we all have tendancy to become amateur meteorologist. But the well known source for information about weather patterns in the Greater Teton Region is Jim Woodmency. Trained in meteorology with a specialty in mountain environments, Woodmency educates the audience each year on global, national and regional trends effecting potential snowfall in Jackson.

Whether its Artic Oscillation, Pineapple Express, monsoonal flow, El Niño, or Madden-Julian Oscillation, the crowd is bound to learn new terminolgy from his entertaining presentation. Be confident that you’ll walk away with a greater understanding of the question “How much will it snow this year?”.


Bob Comey & Mike Rheam of Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center

It has been a busy shoulder season for the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center. Their team of forecasters recently introduced an updated online hazard rating system that more clearly presents avalanche information and will debut a national avalanche hazard map that can be used to compare conditions around the country.

Bob Comey will speak to developments at the Friends of Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center as well as offering informative tips for traveling in avalanche terrain. Their presentation is refresher for people who go out in the backcountry and acknowledges that conditions change from year to year in the mountains.

avi_center_updates graphic avalanche awareness night

New developments at the avalanche hazard forecast and interactive maps


Jay Pistono: Teton Pass Ambassador

pistono teton pass ambassador jackson hole friends of the pathways

Photo: Friends of the Pathways

Jay Pistono will address current issues on Teton Pass and how to best utilize the area while maintaining low environmental impact.

Teton County Search & Rescue

teton county search and rescue

Photo: Teton County Search & Rescue

Dr. AJ Wheeler will speak about dealing with backcountry emergencies and the role of Teton Country Search & Rescue.


Featured Speaker: Drew Hardesty of the Utah Avalanche Center

Drew Hardesty is an avalanche forecaster for the Utah Avalanche Center. In recent years, he’s been active not only as a forecaster but also a spokesman advising on avalanche conditions in the Wasatch Range. Locally in the Jackson, Hardesty is known for being a Jenny Lake Climbing Ranger ranger. Having roots in the Tetons, he knows the mountains well.

His presentation is expected to address the issue of growing populations skiing the backcountry. In a small area, you can have many people and how this must be taken into consideration when exploring winter terrain. He will touch on topics such as changing demographics and how things are not the same as they used to be ten or twenty years ago.

drew hardesty utah avalanche center


Manufacturers and Avalanche Education Classes

While there isn’t an opportunity to purchase equipment at the event, Skinny Skis, located on Deloney Street in Jackson, provides a coupon that is a win-win scenario. Skinny Skis offers a 10% discount on avalanche safety equipment through December, and with that coupon, they’ll donate 10% of the purchase to Teton County Search and Rescue. Vendors for virtually every significant avalanche safety product will be present at the event, so people can receive hands on education from company representatives about their products.

Companies Represented

skinny skis avalanche gear sale


Written by Kevin Wittig. Follow Kevin on Twitter at @KevinSWittig


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