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Preseason Training: One Day with Alejo



One Day with Alejo from Dorian Densmore 2 on Vimeo.


One Day with Alejo

Description: Alejo Sanchez sleeps less, snowboards more, and goes bigger in life than most anyone I have ever met. He is a super nice guy who has lived his whole life in Argentina, shredding during our (in the northen hemi), summer months. His strong motivation to work hard in the mountains, combined with his love for nighttime activities, make him a really fun person to hang out with, if you can keep up. This video shows what it is like to spend one day as Alejo, and follow him through Las Lanas ski resort, his home in the wintertime.

“INTERVALS” features some of the best all around female riders in the sport showcasing their talent in the natural elements. Filmed during the 2011/12 winter, these progressive female riders tackle every aspect of snowboarding, and up the ante for 2013.


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