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Asymbol Gallery Open House and Holiday Sale



A modern movement is transforming the artistic landscape of Jackson Hole. It’s undeniable. For decades, northwest Wyoming has attracted collectors, enthusiast and talent enthralled by the natural beauty of the Teton Region. Traditional forms of expression that once laid the foundation for Jackson’s creative heritage has evolved into a new form of visual communication. The progression is a generational shift that is palpable in our community and encapsulated by Asymbol Gallery.

Four years of entrepreneurial spirit has now provided Asymbol Gallery the opportunity to open their doors to the community for its’ first public showcase and sale. Located just south of town near Enclosure Climbing Gym, Asymbol’s industrial space houses a creative collective capturing the spirit of adventure that fuels our lives. From original art to inspiring photography, Asymbol presents a unique interpretation of mountain culture through the eyes of pioneers redefining action sports.

Asymbol is the vision of iconic artist Mike Parillo and revolutionary snowboarder Travis Rice. It represents more than a gallery, and elevates the meaning of creative expression. From graphics and paintings to moments captured on film, their collection bridges a gap between action sports genres and mainstream audiences. On Friday 11/30 and Saturday 12/1, the community of Jackson is invited to celebrate this movement and will be rewarded with not only an inspiring visual experience, but also the opportunity to own their very own piece of it at a special rate.

Open House and Holiday Sale Details

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“For those who’ve had their eye on something for a while, we would love to see you at the Asymbol open house.” – Parillo


Asymbol Has Presented Their Collection Around The World. This Video Is A Great Showcase Of Its Mission

“The Asymbol project is unique because it gives artist and photographers the vehicle and platform to showcase artwork or photographs that wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to get outside of the application that they were made for.” Jamie Lynn

Asymbol Gallery Opening Exhibit at The Blake Jorgenson Gallery in Whistler from Lib Tech on Vimeo.


Holiday Sale Details

To celebrate their first open house, all limited editions will be on sale, with some up to 50% off retail. The first 15 print buyers will also receive a signed limited edition Mike Parillo print. Accessies such as laptop skins and books will also be discounted and visitors will have the opportunity to pick up Art of Flight posters as well as other incredible pieces. Speaking candidly, a gift of artwork in any medium from Asymbol Gallery might very well be the coolest way to express your giving spirit this holiday season!


Written by Kevin Wittig. Follow Kevin on Twitter at @KevinSWittig


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