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09/30/12 – Open Spaces

Written By: Kevin Wittig @kevinswittig on Twitter

The fall season in Wyoming is a time for preparation. Transitioning climate brings about both physical and personal change. Summer employment comes to an end and the process of planning for winter begins. It’s a time for reflection, and to think outside the box.

Reflecting upon change causes me to search my soul. There are so many things I love about Jackson: the people, the community, the mountains, and most of all, its wide open spaces. Sometimes, I’m forced to ask the question “Why am I here?”. When I need to contemplate the next step forward, I take advantage of open spaces. Vanishing into the valley, it’s easy to take refuge from anxiety by gazing in amazement at the Teton Range. Open spaces help clear the mind and allow room for big ideas that once seemed impossible. In this season of change, venture into open spaces and allow your heart to be inspired by the Tetons and guided by Wyoming wind.



Panorama image of the National Elk Refuge in the foreground, Teton Range in the distance taken near Curtis Canyon in Bridger Teton National Forest. Photo: Kevin Wittig


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