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Jackson Hole Disc Golf Tourney



Jackson Hole Disc Golf Tourney

  • Where: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
  • When: Saturday, 8/25; 11 am sign up, Noon Tee-off
  • Event Details

Disc golfers unite! For the first time, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will have an 18 hole disc golf layout in Teton Village. The new course will host tournament on Saturday will all proceeds of the $30 entry fee going to the purchase of new baskets for a permanent 18 hole course. Participants receive a free Jackson Hole disc, free beer from Snake River Brewing, and the opportunity to take home awesome raffle prizes from Jackson Hole Sports.

Features Of The New Disc Course Layout

  • Avoids bike trails, existing and future
  • Continues uphill on Gros Ventre after Hole #4, weaving through trees between Gros Ventre and Tram Line.
  • Hole 5 is the last existing hole that will be present. All holes to the north ( including “Necessary Evil and Hang Time) will be gone due to bike trail interference
  • After peaking out at near the top of Union Pass chairlift, the course weaves back downhill through trees of Lower Tram Line.
  • Many more technical holes, no throwing your arm out uphill and downhill on every hole. Many more finesse/skillfull shots required.
  • Starts in existing 1st hole, ends at skier bridge on tramline.


Information About The Tournament

Three Questions with Andrew Schrum of Jackson Hole Sports in Teton Village

TMP: How is the new layout – are you enjoying the new hike?

JH Sports: Yes, the course is much more challenging that the previous one – much more technical/treed shots and distance guaging that can be deceiving with the elevation changes on the holes.

TMP: Can you speak about the new style of the course that requires more finesse/skillfull shots. Anything new disc golfers can anticipate/expect?

JH Sports: I simply meant that instead of throwing uphill for 6 holes – as hard as you can, and then down, the shots are much more skillfull – thru trees, around trees, down and up hills, etc. Discers can expect to watch their discs much more carefully, as if you get off the fairway, the brush is very thick since no one has played the course much.

TMP: Is it possible to elaborate on the raffle/prizes? What kind of disc will participants get?

JH Sports: This year, we’re providing amazing raffle prizes – mostly ski gear from the winter – there was talk of a pair of skis being raffled as the big prize, but it probably depends on the turnout. The disc is a dx plastic disc with the jackson hole logo on it. There will be drivers, mid-range and putters to pick from.

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Sean Fair puts for birdie. Photographer: Stephen Williams


The Mountain Pulse Photo of the Day Disc Golf Jackson Hole 06/05/11

Jake Johnston launches a disc downhill on Hole #8. Photographer: Stephen Williams

Good-bye Old Friend #8

Hang Time (formerly Hole #8) was one of the greatest disc golf shots of all time. We’re sorry to see it go, but look forward to the new, more technical course layout. Here, Jake Johnston launches a disc into the valley on the tee shot from Hole #8 one last time. Thanks for the memories.

Update 8/22 4:00 p.m. – Competition layout will include Hang Time due to a shortage of temporary baskets. Course to be re-routed to accomodate.


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