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First Time To Yellowstone



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06/25/12 – First Time To Yellowstone

Written By: Kevin Wittig @kevinswittig on Twitter

Truth be told: I’ve lived in Jackson Hole nearly four years and until this weekend, had yet to explore Yellowstone National Park. It’s not that I haven’t had the inclination or desire to head north to the crown jewel of the national park system, its just the shear size of Yellowstone can be intimidating. And with world class recreation right outside my back door in Grand Teton National Park, sometimes its hard to justify the cost of fuel to drive 200 miles just for fun.

yellowstone_sign jackson hole grand teton national park

Entertaining family for the weekend, I decided now was the time to open pandora’s box and finally see first hand what Yellowstone National Park has to offer. For too long, I’ve feared that even the tiniest taste of a Yellowstone experience would act as a powerful drug on my soul. Well, I was right, and unfortunately, there’s no going back. Upon skimming the surface of the adventures to be had, its safe to say I’m addicted, and all I want is more.


Images From My Experience In Yellowstone National Park

old faithful yellowstone national park

Old Faithful in the Upper Geyser Basin highlights the worlds largest concentration of geysers. Image: Kevin Wittig

morning glory pool yellowstone national park

Morning Glory is a boiling hot pool with magnificent color caused by bacteria that inhabits the water. Image: Kevin Wittig

gibbon falls yellowstone national park

The Gibbon River cascades shear rock as seen from a scenic turnout overlooking the falls. Image: Kevin Wittig

heartspring yellowstone national park

Heart Spring in the Upper Geyser Basin. Image: Kevin Wittig

grand_caynon_yellowstone jackson hole the mountain pulse upper falls

The Yellowstone Rivers flows through the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park. Image: Kevin Wittig


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