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Hoback and Green Listed as America's Most Endangered Rivers



Hoback and Green Listed as America’s Most Endangered Rivers

Unparalleled natural beauty of the surrounding landscape in northwest Wyoming helps all those who spend time in the region build a strong connection with the environment. If we ask ourselves what comes to mind when mentioning Jackson Hole, the Wind River Range, or Yellowstone National Park, the first thing shouldn’t be the precious watersheds on the brink of destruction. According to American Rivers, the leading organization working to protect and restore the nation’s rivers and streams, it needs to be.

This week, American Rivers released their annual list of “America’s Most Endangered Rivers”. Unfortunately, Wyoming did not fair well in the 2012 report. Two rivers that flow through the state, the Hoback and Green, are currently categorized amongst the top five most endangered in the country. Even worse, these scenic watersheds are not threatened by natural occurrences, but rather greed of companies based outside the state seeking to exploit the rivers for profit, all at the risk of environmental subjugation.

Top 5 Most Endangered Rivers

  • #1: Potomac River (MD, VA, PA, WV, DC)
  • #2: Green River (WY, UT, CO)
  • #3: Chattahoochee River (GA)
  • #4: Missouri River
  • #5: Hoback River (WY)

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Map of America’s Most Endangered Rivers


#2 Most Endangered River: Green River (WY, UT, CO)

Threats to the Green River

The Green River is the largest tributary of the Colorado River. A proposal to pump a massive volume of water out of the Green into a pipeline reaching over 500 miles across Wyoming to Colorado’s Front Range threatens world-class recreation, rural economies, critical fish habitats, and the water supply for the lower Colorado River Basin.

What you can do to help

The Governors of Utah and Colorado must join Wyoming’s Governor Mead in opposing the pipeline and standing up for more efficient, cost-effective water supply solutions. Ask Utah’s governor to oppose diverting water from the Green River into Colorado and protect the jobs and economic health of the communities that rely on the river. Click here for more


#5 Most Endangered River: Hoback River (WY)

hoback river wyoming americas most endangered rivers

Threats to the Hoback River

The Hoback River is treasured for its sparkling clear water, thriving native trout fishery, and excellent paddling opportunities. Unfortunately, proposed natural gas development threatens the river and local residents with toxic pollution.

What you can do to help

Proposed natural gas development threatens the headwaters of the Wild and Scenic Hoback River. Encourage the Houston-based Plains Exploration and Production Company (PXP) to sell its oil and gas leases to a conservation buyer for permanent retirement. Click here for more


About American Rivers and the America’s Most Endangered Rivers List

From American Rivers

From pollution to fracking to dams and dredging, this year we’re highlighting issues that have a direct impact on our clean water, public health, and wildlife.

Every year since 1986, this report has put a spotlight on ten rivers at risk. With the 2012 list, we have zeroed in on key actions and, working with our local partners – and you – we are going to get decision-makers to do the right thing.


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