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Hundred Days 065

Spring Riding in Jackson Hole



hundred_days_064 the big short on snow weather derivatives

Day 065: 04/03/12 – Spring Riding in Jackson Hole

Written by Kevin Wittig

Photographer: Jake Johnston

No doubt, powder riding is awesome. But there’s nothing wrong with a slush gathering on a bluebird spring day in the Stash Park at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. That’s how it went down yesterday, with myself and other T. Rice wannabe’s risking it all for a shot at glory. Not on an industry wide, looking for a sponsor scale, but just trying to impress your friends, and get some street credit scale. If you haven’t seen what the Park & Pipe crew has concocted in the Camp Ground Stash Park, I suggest a trip up the Casper chair to check it out before the end of the season. The unique freestyle line links kickers with hips, log slides, road gap jumps and more. It’s pretty much where its at late in the season with waning snowfall and warming temperatures.

wittig_stash park a fram jackson hole spring bluebird

Standing at the top, contemplating a line through the park, I bumped into Cutter – the Jackson Hole based DJ that has given life to the electronic music scene here in the Tetons. With encouragement from our buddy Jake, we looked at the A-Frame, a giant two-sided wall ride with a kicker. Preparing to attack the A-Frame, a rush of confidence flowed through my veins. Cutter turned to me and said “Just hold your speed and commit”.

Flying towards the feature, all doubt that previously existed vanished from my mind. This was it, time to conquer fear, no turning back. I hit the kicker, airing over Jake who set up for a photo, tail tapped the A-Frame and landed triumphantly. Relieved to still be in one piece, I let out a holler as if I won the X Games. Every now and then, you push yourself to a new level. That’s what riding a Jackson Hole is all about. Just when you think you’ve got it down, a buddy challenges you to go further. Thanks for shredding the Stash with us Cutter – I hadn’t gone that big before, and it wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t there to provide encouragement.


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Cutter followed on the A-Frame and went even bigger, landing himself on The Mountain Pulse as the Photo of the Day. Props!

cutter_stash wall ride stash park

Following the A-Frame, Cutter styled out on another wall ride feature with a big nollie to fakie. Rock & Roll.


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