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Hundred Days 056

I Survived St. Patrick's Day



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Day 056: 03/18/12

I Survived St. Patrick’s Day

Words by: Wittig

The effects of altitude rarely come into play once acclimated to life at nearly 7,000 ft above sea level. In fact, it becomes an afterthought that the land we’re on towers above most of the continent. The only time I’m reminded that the air is thinner up here occurs the morning after an all day local craft beer drink-a-thon. The delicious variety consumed began at Snow King Pond Skim followed by an interlude at Eleanor’s and completed at the brewpub. With cans, pints and steins, I celebrated the annual ridiculousness with enthusiasm, in fact maybe too much. Now, the morning after, a jackhammer pounds the inside of my dome. Water, extra strength Tylenol, a D.O.G. burrito and March Madness will get through the day… or at least until round two begins at the Town Donwhill this afternoon. Rock and Roll.


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