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Video of the Day

Almost Live Season 4 Episode 2



Classic Jackson Powder – Almost Live Season 4 Episode 2 from Teton Gravity Research

teton_gravity_research_almost_live_02, teton gravity research, daniel tisi, dream factory, tgr, jackson hole

From Teton Gravity Research: When a giant snow storm hits Jackson Hole, 13-year-old Daniel Tisi, the winner of Teton Gravity Research’s 2011 Grom Contest, gets the day off from school to film with Matt Philippi and the TGR crew. The two skiers rip around Jackson Hole Mountain Resort one-upping each other and bust backflips into fresh powder.

The “Almost Live” series takes you around the globe with the TGR production team and athletes. Get an inside look at what goes into first descents, building and hitting massive backcountry jumps, traveling throughout the most exotic locales on the planet, and the lives of the world’s top riders. “Almost Live” plants you on location with the TGR crew. You will be able to track our progress throughout the season, and watch the drama unfold.


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