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2012 North American Snowkite Tour



2012 North American Snowkite Tour, Jackson, WY from Black Owl Media

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The 2012 North American Snowkite Tour timed their stop in the Jackson Hole area of Wyoming perfectly. With a couple of sunny days following the storm that dumped feet of fresh powder in the area, the tour headed to the flats around the Bondurant area. Great wind allowed these kite-skiers and kite-snowboarders to charge through the fields and catch huge air off the wind lips throughout the area. It is great to see a growing community create a tour style competition like this to expand awareness of their sport.

From the North American Snowkite Tour: The North American Snowkite Tour (NAST) connects the best snowkite events across the US and Canada with a point series resulting in a Champion. All events will have a freestyle competition and a racing competition, but each event has its own style that reflects the terrain, condition and approach of the even organizer. Competitors at the NAST Point Series Events will accumulate NAST Points based on their performance in each discipline at each event. At the end of the North American Snowkite Tour, the Champions will be crowned!



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