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The 2012 Gelande Quaffing Championships



2012 Gelande Quaff World Championship Preview

gelande quaff jackson hole the mountain pulse wyoming 2012 world champtionships

  • Where: Village Cafe, Teton Village
  • When: Wednesday 2/29/12, 4:20pm
  • Event Details

At 4:20pm in Teton Village, the 2012 Gelande Quaff World Championships kicks off featuring past champions, regional qualifiers from around the world and event sponsors. If unfamiliar with Gelande Quaffing, the object of the sport is to slide beers down a makeshift bar to teammates waiting on the other side to catch them. As beer mugs fly towards competitors, they must catch them in the air, drink them as fast as possible, and run to the other side to slide a full beer to their partner. Style points count in this contest and freestyle points are awarded for creativity and costumes.

2012 Competitors

  • Tasker’s TNA
  • Teton Gravity Research
  • The Village Cafe
  • Teton Village Sports
  • Pepi Steigler’s
  • Storm Show Studios
  • Jackson Hole Ski Patrol
  • The Hostel X
  • Smith Optics
  • Salomon
  • K2 Skis
  • Powder Magazine
  • Team Seattle
  • Team Australia
  • Team New Zealand
  • Team T-Bar
  • The Mangy Moose
  • Snake River Brewing

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2012 Qualifiers and Preview to the World Championships


2012 World Championship Photo Preview

Photographs by Kevin Wittig, taken at the Qualifier on February 1, 2012

gelande_quaff_trophy jackson hole the mountain pulse wyoming

gelande_quaff_costume jackson hole the mountain pulse

gelande_quaff_chug2 jackson hole the mountain pulse

Pabst Blue Ribbon is the beer of choice for the 2012 World Gelande Quaff Championships

The Village Cafe Arena offers home field advantage to veterans of the competion in an amphitheater setting

gelande_quaff_style jackson hole the mountain pulse wyoming world championships

Hand-eye coordination is a key element of the sport, but becomes increasing difficult as teams advance towards victory

gelande quaff chug the mountain pulse jackson hole 2012 world championships

An enthusiastic crowd encourages athletes to chug beer as fast as humanly possible

gelande_quaff_action the mountain pulse jackson hole 2012 world championships

Accurate beer tossing is essential to successfully earning enough points to move onto the next round

Benny Wilson emcees the championship as Quaffer’s compete for glory and their chance at the coveted trophy.

The 2012 Champions Will Have to Take Down the Winners From 2011

Photo: Heather Asbell


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