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The Jackson Hole 888 Plan: Snow



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It’s is no secret that Jackson Hole was just pummeled with the largest storm that the mountain has seen in recent history. All the athletes in this video have been itching to get out and ride some powder in Jackson and KGB Productions was there with cameras when these guys were unleashed onto the hill.

From Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: The Jackson Hole 8-8-8 plan is really doing the trick: 80 inches of snow in 8 days, resulting in an 80″ base. The storm that ended last week has left the mountain plastered in a deep blanket of snow. The storm of 2012 has been the biggest storm of the 21st century, and is only topped in recent memory by the 100″ inch storm of 1976 that closed the entire mountain for over a week. All footage in this video was shot on location in Jackson Hole last week by KGB Productions.


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