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On Snow and Ice and Rock

Episode 5: Back from Alaska



Return from Alaska | Episode 5: On Snow and Ice and Rock from On Snow and Ice and Rock

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In the fifth episode of the On Snow and Ice and Rock series, skier Dorian Densmore returns home from Alaska to find the Tetons still completely covered in snow. Last season’s seemingly endless winter allows Dorian to hit some lines that are otherwise unskiable. With the size of the lines that he is hitting, it is only a matter of time before Dorian Densmore becomes a household name in Teton Big Mountain skiing. Once again, these lines are captured perfectly by cinematographer and editor Brandon Gust. Brandon gets to amazing vantage points allowing him capture continuous shots of Dorian skiing two back-to-back monster chutes. Cheers to these guys for being selected for the 2012 Cold Smoke Awards held in Bozeman in February. Good Luck!



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