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Hundred Days 026

Get Your Rest



Day 026: 01/19/12 – Get Your Rest

Written by Z

Thanks to the tireless work of JH ski patrol, the gondola began to load around 9:30 this morning, shortly followed by the Tram sometime before 10:00. Top to bottom, conditions were all-time with snow falling incessantly and collecting in waist-deep pockets. No matter how you spin the tale, the conclusion will likely be the same: It was the best day in Jackson Hole so far this season. Summoning the energy to generate even those pithy remarks is a challenge at present as I, like most others, am completely, utterly and happily…skied out. Sitting here in my long underwear too exhausted to shower, I look out my hotel room window to behold Snow King under the lights STILL getting pummeled. And though my body screams as I hobble to the bathroom, or slip off my socks, or punch these keys, I still wonder if a few pow turns on the King tonight are possible. I guess the fact that I haven’t showered yet makes it all the more so. But perhaps I better not. As they say, if it’s snowing in town it’s dumping in the Village (in this case dumping, nuking respectively). Tomorrow will undoubtedly set a new notch in this season, and I’m going need whatever I got left. We all are.


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