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Hundred Days 018

Headwall & Hobacks Open For a Lucky Few



Day 018: Headwall & Hobacks Open For a Lucky Few

Keeping myself to 11 light beers and forgoing the night’s last shot proved to be a wise decision. Though certainly not 100% this morning, I was well enough to see to it that my first steps into the New Year were on skis. January 1st at JHMR is how you’d hope everyday would be on the hill: walk-on trams, ski-on lifts and an overall mellow mood enjoyed by all. Sweetening the deal this January 1st was the opening of the Headwall and the Hobacks, both of which had been closed throughout this past storm cycle. My two laps on the Headwall produced the best turns of the year. With hangovers sidelining the masses, these turns were enjoyed leisurely and without the sense of haste that typically taints the hunting of powder stashes. So mark this day on your calendars for next year; because you can tie one on any night, but days like today are truly rare.



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