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Wyoming Triumph Episode 8 - A Workingman's Heli Trip



Wyoming Triumph – Episode 7 – “A Workingman’s Heli Trip” from Skiing Magazine

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How did they get that shot? I find myself asking that a lot while watching ski and snowboard movies lately. Sure, I know that the overhead shots in Teton Gravity’s feature films are filmed from a crew in a helicopter hovering over the huge spines they are skiing in Alaska. But for an up-and-coming and smaller budget production company like KGB Productions, that isn’t exactly and option. Cue On Location Aerial, a local Jackson company that has a custom built remote controlled helicopter. Strap a camera into its onboard gyro-stabilized camera mounts and viola, workingman’s heli footage. Getting this unique overhead perspective used to be reserved for big budget films, but thanks to new technologies and companies like On Location Aerial, this footage is in reach.




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