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Hundred Days 009

The Mount Glory Bootpack



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Day 009: 12/17/11 – The Mount Glory Bootpack

Written By: Stephen Williams

“Man, I’m out of shape,” I stop and think to myself about halfway up the bootpack to the top of Mount Glory. As I watch my friends carry on in front of me and eventually out of sight, I realize that the long hours spent in my cushy, Browse-and-Buy reclaimed office chair designing websites and drinking Coors Original have caught up to me. I am paying for the more than usual time this summer and fall spent inside and away from the mountains and rivers that keep me hiking, trekking and paddling. But I’m sure that this thought crosses the mind of a lot of people when they stop to catch their breath and glance skyward up the 45 degree angle stairway in front of them. To all but the the few who somehow jog up Mount Glory (you know who you are and we all hate you), this go-to Teton Pass bootpack is considered the true test of whether or not you are in good enough shape for ski season. Get to the top without major lung burning and calf aching, and you are good to go. Or if you are like me at the moment, toiling it out twenty steps at a time and taking in extended periods of enjoying the view, you might want to consider pacing yourself with a few smaller hikes to get warmed up. Trying to tackle the big boy almost proved a little more than I could handle today, but I put my head back down and started stomping it out a few more steps at a time. Regardless of the sketchy coverage and lack of any recent snowfall, I know that the view at the top and the turns on the way down will be worth it. And hey, hopefully next time, the way up will be just a little bit easier.


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