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Hundred Day 008




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Day 008: 12/16/11 – Living the Dream in Jackson Hole

Written By: Rob Cocuzzo

Living the Dream is tough work. When everyday is another’s vacation-of-a-lifetime, staying appreciative can be a struggle. Those that go pro with Living the Dream learn to relish in all the tasty morsels that make it so good. They know that you can’t eat perfectly cooked filet mignon every night; some nights call for a side salad, a peanut butter and jelly, or maybe just a bowl of pasta. The point is that Living the Dream is much less about the nature of the dream, and more about how you chose to live it. It’s not what you eat, it’s how you enjoy it. Though the snow is thin and the stoke a bit lackluster, we are still without question Living the Dream here in Jackson Hole. Sure, exactly a year ago today the mountain was an entirely different place: a deeply buried wonderland, producing epic day after epic day. Yet for those that keep it all in perspective, today was nothing less than a gift: pristine sunshine, soft groomers, and a mountain to ourselves.


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