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Smith Optics Prospecting Idaho Season 2 Episode 7



Season 2, Episode 7

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Well into the second season of their Prospecting Idaho series, Smith Optics continues to bring top of the line athletes to their backcountry paradise in the Sawtooth Mountains. In this episode Todd Ligare and Griffin Post descend upon Smiley Creek for a refresher course on some big jumps. Luckily for them, that landing looks pretty forgiving. Todd and Giffin then head to Alaska to meet up with Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and get back to what they do best; crushing huge spines. Check out more episodes of Prospecting Idaho and stay tuned for whats next, because this series is only getting.

From Smith: Skiers GriffIn Post and Todd Ligare check out the jumps at the Smith zone while on their way to total domination in Alaska. Fellow skier Sage Cattabriga-alosa talks about his visit last winter and his Alaskan adventures.

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