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Video of the Day – Teton Sessions from Point of Release



Earning October Grand Targhee Turns Video & Photos – October 8, 2011 – The Teton Sessions Episode 1 from Point Of Release.

From Point of Release: After yesterday’s bushwhacking on Teton Pass, I decided to head all the way over this hill this morning to see how well the slopes of Grand Targhee fared. I met up with Cassie in Driggs and by the time we got to Targhee’s base, it was already clear they’d gotten substantially more. There was probably 8-12″ down low, versus the 2-3″ inches Teton Village picked up. We were able to follow a skin track from yesterday two-thirds of the way up Chief Joseph Bowl, but had to break trail to and along the ridge to the top of Dreamcatcher from there.

We stopped at the overlook just below the lift for photos and to take in the views. We made it to the top in less than 2 hours, where it was bluebird and there was closer to 18″ with drifts in excess of 2 feet. We made our way down the lift line toward Wild Willie before hitting the cloud layer and heavier snow in the gully near Ladies Waist, laying down–as far as we could tell–the first turns of the season from the top. While it’d already begun to settle, the snow on the main fall line was surprisingly fun. I lightly clipped a few rocks, but couldn’t tell the difference between the new and old shots on my rock skis by the time we got back to the parking lot.

Skiing & Editing: Than Volk

Music: Finally Moving James Brown Remix – Pretty Lights


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