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To Ride a Smile from Peter Saunders

Over the last few months, we have been overwhelmed with all the ski and snowboard trailers coming out from the big name production companies with big name sponsors, and big name athletes. Here’s a nice change of pace with unsponsored, local Jackson Hole skiers and still features some great film editing. This is a short film, not a trailer, so make sure you give yourself a full 15 minutes to watch the entire clip. Here’s a description from producer Pete Saunders.

“As I can never be sure when my time in Jackson Hole will end, I decided to create something to remember all the incredible days that have occurred over the last couple of years. The days spent in the backcountry with friends, laughing, getting stoked and pushing each other to go bigger. None of us are sponsored, we don’t have any resources to speak of, just a common goal to get out and enjoy ourselves. The smiles and stories are what make it all worthwhile, so here my contribution to the conversation.”


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