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Teton County Fair

7/24 - 7/31


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The longest day of the year may be in the middle of June, but the true peak of the summer is marked by the arrival of horse trailers, food carts and ferris wheels to the rodeo grounds in Jackson, Wyoming. The Teton County Fair sets out to celebrate this peak with a week of competition, showcases, music, food, and fun. Highlighted below are the events that take place during the evenings over the next week. Head over to the Teton County Fair website for a full list of events.

Tip: You can save $3 per ticket if you purchase them prior to the day of the show at the ticket office or online at teton.funnbiz.com



  • Wed. 7/27: 5pm – Midnight
    POP Hours: 5pm – 9pm
  • Thu. 7/28: 5pm – Midnight
    POP Hours: 5pm – 9pm
  • Fri. 7/28: 5pm – Midnight
    POP Hours: 5pm – 9pm
  • Sat. 7/29: 1pm – Midnight
    POP Hours: 1pm – 5pm
  • Sat. 7/29: 1pm – 11pm
    POP Hours: 1pm – 5pm

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Nothing says fair like cotton candy, ferris wheels and carnies. The carnival runs from Wednesday to Sunday and features enough rides, games and fair food to make you come back twice. The Pay One Price (POP) hours are listed above. POP allows you to ride as many rides as you want for $20. Otherwise you can purchase individual tickets per ride which go for $5. Just make sure you save the funnel cake for after you go on the gut-busting Zipper ride.


Pig Wrestling

  • Thursday July 28th
  • 7:00pm
  • $15 Adults, $9 Kids
  • $18 Covered Grandstands

pig_wrestling_teton_county_fair_01, teton county fair, jackson hole wyoming, grand teton national park

Over the last few years, the pig wrestling competition has become one of the more popular spectacles of the summer. The opportunity to watch your friends, colleagues and complete stranger attempt to wrangle a hog into a bucket while slipping in 6 inch deep mud is classic. There are teams ranging from kids to adults, and the size of the pig depends on the size of the team. If you want to sign up for the event you are too late. The event has become so popular that entries are due by the beginning of July and a raffle is held to determine which teams get to compete.




  • Wednesday 7/27
  • 7:00pm
  • Saturday 7/29
  • 7:00pm
  • $16 Adults, $10 Kids
  • $19 Covered Grandstands

rodeo_teton_county_fair, teton county fair rodeo, jackson hole wyoming, grand teton national park

A fair in the Cowboy State would not be complete without a rodeo, and Teton County has two. Wild west traditions and Jackson Hole flair mix in the arena as some of the top competitors in the state put it on the line to add to their season long points standings.



  • Friday 7/29
  • 8:00pm
  • $23 All Ages

Lettuce_teton_county_fair_01, jackson hole wyoming, live music, grand teton national park, poppa presents

The Teton County Fair has been rotating the genre of music showcased at the concert on Friday night and this year features the funk/jazz supergroup Lettuce. Fresh off rave reviews of their third album, the seven member ensemble is ready to take the main stage. The show is presented by Poppa Presents who has this to say about Lettuce:

Poppa Presents and World Famous Productions is back to present the Friday night concert at the Fair. 2008 with Yonder Mountain String Band was a huge success so we are bringing in another band that is guaranteed to please. Lettuce is 70s style raw funk in the likes of the Meters, Herbie Hancock and Tower of Power. Seven-person all-star collective from Berklee College of Music including two members of Soulive. The real deal to light up the Fair concert. The Outfit opens the show.


Lettuce 5 Gopro instrument Angles @ Rock N Roll Resort from Jeremy Sewell


Figure 8 Races

  • Saturday 7/30
  • 7:00pm
  • $15 Adults, $9 Kids
  • $18 Covered Grandstands

figure_8_races_teton_county_fair, teton county fair, figure 8 races, figure 8 racing, demolition derby, jackson hole wyoming

There have been a lot of rumblings about the Demolition Derby being pulled from the fair schedule due to crowd shenanigans. Personally, I could never make the connection between cars smashing into each other and the desire to run across the arena naked, and I’m glad that the Figure 8 Races have been moved into primetime on Sunday night. Here’s an event that essentially combines the Demolition Derby with Nascar racing. It satisfies the crowds hunger for carnage and bent metal but also has a real element of competition to it. Running your opponents off the track, near misses in the middle where the course intersects, and keeping your car in good enough shape to make it through three heats of racing makes this a true competiion. So Jackson, please enjoy the show responsibly and keep your pants on, or next summer we may be left watching Mutton Bustin to close out the fair.


Make sure you check out the full schedule of events at the Teton County Fair website.



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