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Outside the Lines

“Should we bring the wine?”. “Oh Yeah!”, I received in reply. Strolling through meadows near Menor’s Ferry in the National Park, we arrived to audience gathered near the Chapel of Transfiguration. Open and inviting, the atmosphere provided an opportunity to be apart of a unique learning experience. Comments from McHuron featured topics such as technique, color, imagination, and interpretation. All the while, he masterfully recreated the Cathedral Group on canvas. Revealed through the process were layers of creativity that combine to capture the fleeting moment.

Jackson Hole Greg McHuron The Mountain Pulse Grand Teton National Park

Photographer: Kevin Wittig


On the second Saturday in July, August and September, the Grand Teton Association presents noted plein air artist on location in the National Park. Their mission is to promote appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of Grand Teton National Park and the Greater Yellowstone area. Artists involved share their favorite painting locations, processes and skill. The interactive approach draws in the audience, combining active participation and discussion. Events are free. Just remember to bring a chair, a snack, and your imagination.

Grand Teton Jackson Hole The Mountain Pulse

Photographer: Kevin Wittig


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