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2011 Wyoming Whitewater Championships - Part One

By: Risto beatty & Eric Parker



Members of the Jackson Hole Kayak Club posted this video of the first day of the 2011 Wyoming Whitewater Championship. The event started with a jovial but competitive race down the Hoback River with divisions for rafting and kayaking. Looking forward to seeing the footage form the Freestyle Kayak Rodeo and Greys River Boatercross.

The Results:

  • Rafting: 1st Place – Sands Whitewater, 2nd Place – Dave Hansen, 3rd Place – Bryson White’s Boat
  • Long Boat: 1st Place – Aaron Pruzan, 2nd Place – Jon Souter, 3rd Place – Dave Kemper
  • Short Boat: 1st Place – Carson King, 2nd Place – Teague Manley, 3rd Place – Austin Rathmann
  • Women: 1st Place – Brooke Terkovich, 2nd Place – Karen Colclough

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