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Blue Bird!
In recent months, awakening to crystal clear skies has been a rarity. Not today! Cinco-de-Mayo will by far be the nicest day of the year (excluding all powder days of course..)! Today is a day that many in the valley have been waiting for. An injection of spring to melt away the doldrums of off-season. Song birds are rejoicing in jubilant chorus. Flowers are spontaneously shooting up from the ground in full blossom. A euphoric state of ‘play’ has potential to take over the community. It’s safe to say you’ll probably see the following recreation activities in action: biking, hiking, skateboarding, fishing, paragliding, sun-bathing, drinking and of course, skiing!

As if the weather weren’t perfect enough, another natural phenomenon takes place later tonight. The earth will plow into a trail of dust left by Halley’s comet to produce a meteor shower. If conditions are ideal, expect to see 30-60 meteors per hour in the early morning of Friday, May 6th. Can you imagine riding Glory Mountain as meteors rain down from sky! Sounds pretty awesome… we’ll see you out there!

KW 5/5/11

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